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Obliged to do a selfie - Christine's Rankings, Week 1 - The driver rankings return with shadow puppets and surfing

Published by Christine

Jean-Éric Vergne selfie
Credit: Instagram/@jeanericvergne

Christine's Rankings makes a triumphant return with the first week of pointsgiving seeing no less than fourteen updates across eleven drivers. With pre-season testing firmly underway, the guys have been training and driving, sharing pictures and letting us get that little bit closer to the action.

There's also some insight into racing on ice, entertaining at a photo shoot and making the most of an artificial wave.

As always, if you spot an F1 driver doing something pointsworthy, it is your Sidepodcast duty to let me know. Suggest your rankings items over on the dedicated page, or via Twitter.

Movements for Week 1

  • +1 Valtteri Bottas: Caught tweeting from the pitwall on the first day of Bahrain testing. Busted!
  • +3 Kamui Kobayashi: Kobayashi makes his rankings comeback with some epic shadow puppetry. As you do.
  • +1 Kamui Kobayashi: Capturing a sneak peek of his car as Frijns takes it out for a spin.
  • +2 Kevin Magnussen: Discovering that F1 is bigger on the inside: "What a big paddock - its even got palm trees! I didn't see much of this view yesterday & the day before!"
  • +1 Jean-Éric Vergne: Now that's a super sunny, smiley selfie!
  • +2 Jenson Button: Not so much for the engagement itself (although congratulations!) but just for brightening the pre-season with such good news!
  • +3 Max Chilton: Getting involved with the "leaping from his car" meme, and sharing the best photoshopped pictures!
  • +1 Daniil Kvyat: Biiig huuuugs (with a tyre).
  • +4 Sergio Pérez: Questioning lookingspiffy's question about his amazing hair but then going ahead and answering it anyway.
  • +1 Jenson Button: Great shot from the cockpit of his car, a unique view!
  • +1 Felipe Massa: Taking his mini-me for a walk. Same shorts and everything!
  • +2 Lewis Hamilton: Sharing his progress as he learns to surf. Also particularly enjoyed the one about there not being any sharks there. It's like an indoor version of surfing. I approve.
  • +1 Romain Grosjean: Winning the ice racing event in Moscow this past weekend.
  • +2 Kamui Kobayashi: Showing that even returning F1 drivers still have their weaknesses: "I had banana chocolate cake after dinner. I know it's not good but I just promise I will second workout after dinner so welcome back to gym"

Standings for Week 1

This week's standings
110Kamui Kobayashi66
214Sergio Pérez44
31Jenson Button33
41Max Chilton33
54Lewis Hamilton22
67Kevin Magnussen22
7-4Valtteri Bottas11
8-1Romain Grosjean11
93Daniil Kvyat11
105Felipe Massa11
1110Jean-Éric Vergne11
12-11Fernando Alonso0
13-11Jules Bianchi0
14-8Marcus Ericsson0
15-7Esteban Gutiérrez0
16-6Nico Hülkenberg0
17-3Pastor Maldonado0
18-1Kimi Räikkönen0
19-1Daniel Ricciardo0
20-1Nico Rosberg0
21-1Adrian Sutil0
220Sebastian Vettel0
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