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Nuances of downforce - What if your technical director admits a lack of knowledge?

Published by Christine

Honda Racing

I've just been dipping into the latest issue of F1 Racing, the one with Lewis Hamilton looking mean and moody on the front cover. I started from the back, as I always do, consuming Nick Heidfeld's recollections of meeting Shaquille O'Neal, the anatomy of a pit stop, and Ross Brawn's to do list.

Tucked away in that last article are two sentences that are both incredibly enlightening, and at the same time, comedy gold.

The former senior technical director, Shuhei Nakamoto (now deputy MD technical reporting to Ross Brawn)... had no prior F1 experience.

Nakamoto admits he didn't grasp the nuances of downforce...

Hang on a second, the technical director didn't understand downforce? Doesn't this seem slightly odd and/or scary?

I don't know the interview technique for positions of this level, perhaps they don't ask about your aerodynamic knowledge, assuming that if you're applying for the job, you might have a clue what was going on. I'm wondering what my chances are of blagging my way in to a top level job.

It's no wonder Honda struggled so badly last year, isn't it?