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Now you can join in, too - Sidepodcast now has its own voicemail for you to leave your F1 thoughts

Published by Christine

More new stuff.

Whilst I know you love to hear us chatter away and share our opinions of all things F1, wouldn't it be cool if you guys could join in too? Let us know when you disagree or think we're spot on?

Well, now you can. Not content with being contactable via the blog, the forum, the twitter and the jaiku, Sidepodcast is now also available on the phone.

Chances are, we won't answer. But you can leave your voicemail comments, about the show, about drivers, about races, about anything you want, and they might just end up on the show.

We spent a while picking out a good number, and it kinda rolls off the tongue - ready?

01 2128 TRACK, that's 01 2128 87225.

It will start to roll off the tongue, I promise.

So, call in, share your thoughts, get on the show. We'd love to hear from you. In fact, we're sitting here, waiting for your call.