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Now this makes Formula 1 worth watching - The Singapore Grand Prix adds even more entertainment

Published by Christine

Singapore was quite the spectacle in 2008. The first F1 night race was intriguing, and the organisers had plenty of other music and festivities going on to keep the crowds amused.

This year, they have lost the novelty of having the "first ever" although they still keep the crown of "only". By the time we get to Singapore, the championship will likely be all but over, and so it is to the music I turn my attention.

Backstreet Boys
Credit: Anirudh Koul

For 2009, the Singapore Grand Prix will include eight free concerts scattered around the circuit, with musical acts from all over the globe. One particular band caught my eye - the Backstreet Boys will be headlining one of the gigs. My inner teenager is very excited about this news.

Last year’s eclectic mix was unique to any circuit park and was a huge success. This year, we are topping that with a bigger line-up of artistes for non-stop entertainment throughout the weekend, all included in the ticket price.

- Michael Roche, Executive Director of Singapore Grand Prix

We have been coming to the realisation this year that a lot of Formula 1 related events, particularly Grands Prix are not worth the entry price. They are enormous fun but the extortionate ticket fee could be spent on something a million times more useful.

Singapore are clearly trying to make the Grand Prix a much more justifiable expense. Not only are you set to enjoy some racing action, but you'll also get to rock out to music with other like-minded fans. With the number of groups they're rounding up, there's bound to be something up your street.

It makes perfect sense to me. Formula 1 is gradually imploding, so lets concentrate more on mindless pop to keep everyone entertained.