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Now she's a writer too! - Virgin Media use Sidepodcast scripts for their motorsport videos

Published by Mr. C

Want to see something a bit crazy? Take a look at Virgin Media's motorsport page today and you'll see their Canada GP Preview.

Watch carefully and you'll notice that our recent podcast looks kinda similar. That's because we're both using the same 3D track footage that Allianz supplies. However listen carefully and you'll hear that it sounds quite familiar too. The reason for that is your veritable female Sidepodcast host (otherwise known as Christine), wrote the 'hot lap' script for the Virgin video.

She's been a busy bee this week, let me tell you. And Sidepodcast has been most excited to be involved (if only peripherally) in the making of a professional F1 video. The guys who produced the show have proper television studios, that look like they've been modeled on the Starship Enterprise and contain more technical equipment than a Maplin catalogue. We might have been a touch out of our depth in there!

I love flicking between the two videos, as for the first time you can compare how us amateurs (we don't get paid for this, so whatever we think of ourselves, we're still amateurs), stack up to them professionals. Izzy Knowles who, amongst other things, is a presenter on the Extreme Sports Channel anchors this particular preview and she's had many years of experience over Christine's three months.

So, if you've nothing better to do this lovely day than watch two Canadian preview videos. We'd love to hear your thoughts on anything we've got right and all of the things we should be doing better.

Makes you feel a bit like Simon Cowell, doesn't it?