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November 2012 recap - Ratings, polls, and a giant high five - The F1 season came to a smashing end in Brazil and we rated the whole thing

Published by Christine

The final month of the 2012 Formula One season saw some thrilling races, a podcast here or there, some guest posting and a couple of new ideas. We're happy the off-season is here but we like to think we sent the season off in style.

Formula One in November

The final three races took us to the often underwhelming (but this time quite exciting) Abu Dhabi, the brand new and totally unexpected US (Austin) and the always brilliant Brazil. The season finale was one of those crazy races that you think couldn't happen at the end of a bonkers year, but then it does!

Sidepodcast in November

This month, despite the rather manic end of season schedule, we managed to squeeze in a few more new bits and pieces - rather hurriedly so we could test them out in the last couple of races. To go along with the rate the race swingometers that we introduced last month, we debuted the brand new polls that both looked a lot nicer, and had a bit more functionality.

Along with just asking a question and selecting an answer, we have a new style of poll that specifically allows a head to head competition - perfect for prediction who might get the championship. We also managed to make the final tweaks to the polls and swingometers to allow them into blog posts and hopefully the Factbyte Factbox in the future, rather than having them stuck in the playground. You can see all the new widgets in action, for example when we predicted the US GP and when we rated the Brazilian GP.

One Friday, whilst weighing up our desire to record a Feet Up Friday show with our rather busy and exhausting week, we took a suggestion from Pat and built upon it. November saw the debut of High Five Friday - a hangout style live event thread that pits five questions to the commenters over the space of ninety minutes. The questions are such to keep the conversation going, but equally allow discussion of the topics brought up. I really enjoyed the first one and hope we can do more of these, it's a great way of having some on-topic discussions but still relaxing on a Friday evening with a glass of wine!

Shows in November

We finally managed to catch up with Joe as he prepared for the end of the season, and we also managed our very own Feet Up Friday as we did the same. In the latter show, we discuss our plans for the off-season and our hopes for bigger and better things next year.

Posts in November

Some brilliant posts this past month, including a Point, Counter-Point on who deserved the championship before it was decided, and a similar style, but in two separate posts, passing judgement on the F1 coverage in the UK over the past eleven months.

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