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Nobody in Formula 1 shoots faster - Insight into F1 photography from in and outside of the paddock

Published by Mr. C

We are huge fans of quality F1 photography at Sidepodcast. For as long as I can remember we've taken a keen interest in the men and women behind the lens. Names such as Lorenzo Bellanca, Darren Heath and James Moy have been filling our magazines and screens with gorgeous shots of girls and cars and maybe some more girls, as the Formula 1 circus winds its way around the globe.

Sutton captures Adrian Sutil making his way around the concrete jungle of Valencia.
Credit: Force India F1

Until recently, I hadn't paid too much attention to either Keith or Mark Sutton and the team behind Sutton Images. While I knew of them, many team photographs we used for F1 Big Picture came from agencies such as LAT and Getty.

Joe mentioned on a recent podcast that he'd known Keith for a very long time and intended to start using more of Sutton Images work on his blog. Following on from Joe's podcast I went looking for more information from the team and stumbled across their own Wordpress blog, which is turning out to be quite the find of 2010. If you have even a passing interest in F1 photography, this is highly recommended material.

I especially loved the recent article on lengths some media people will go to, including jumping fully clothed into a pool in Valencia, just to get an original angle. There's also fabulous insight into why there were no decent images of Mark Webber's accident (Red Bull being mighty relieved few secrets were revealed when that chassis was craned away), as there simply were no photographers at that part of the track.

This year Autosport have been running a series of articles along a similar line, with snappers such as Andrew Ferraro and Glenn Dunbar offering insight into their own working weekends. I hadn't ever expected such detail from people who spend their days peering into a viewfinder, after all if you wanted to write about F1, your primary tool of choice wouldn't usually be an SLR. I do however, appreciate looking at the Formula 1 world through the eyes and lenses of those who are at all of the circuits throughout the year

One other, rather unique thing, Sutton have put together recently, is a page of television interviews they've done in years gone by. My favourite is a recent piece from Inside Grand Prix, covering humble beginnings and which famous picture bought Keith his first decent car.

I also loved the retro interview with the pairing from Inside Line in 2001, discussing their favourite shots of Mika Häkkinen and Ayrton Senna, as well as how to get the best shots during a Grand Prix. Note this clip features some retro Fujifilm before the world went digital, younger viewers might be scared.

F1 fans are able to get closer to the F1 action than ever before in 2010, thanks to the extra time and effort put in by those willing to share a small glimpse into their worlds. Be that Joe, or Keith or any other paddock regulars taking the time to let us in, it is very much appreciated.