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No longer living a lie - Danny Watts on being a gay man in motorsport

Published by Mr. C

No longer living a lie
Credit: Laurent Cartalade/Creative Commons

If you haven't caught it already, there is a fabulous interview on Badger GP today with Danny Watts, a racing driver, who has come out publicly as gay. There is little for us to add, except to encourage people to head on over and read the piece in full. Then read it again for good measure.

Read Now: The Danny Watts interview

In a perfect world, stories like this wouldn't be news, stories like this wouldn't even be stories. However, this isn't a perfect world and we have an awfully long way to go before all human beings are allowed to be who they are, free from fear and judgement.

As bad as things might seem in the world right now, the good news is anyone and everyone is capable of making a difference. Motorsport is often seen as being behind the times in areas of acceptance and tolerance of others, and there is still much to do. To that end, fans have the biggest part to play, by sharing stories such as Danny's and offering strength and encouragement to others who feel they have to hide who they are.

Be open-minded, challenge your opinions and those of others, stand up and be counted, show compassion and empathy, but most of all just try to be nice. I didn't know who Danny Watts was before today, but I'm glad I do now.

@wattsracing I hope you are shown nothing but love by your peers. You are an inspiration whether you mean to be or not. <3

- @lookingspiffy