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No comments about bad parking, please - Giancarlo Fisichella's attitude isn't encouraging

Published by Christine

Giancarlo Fisichella

Just listened to the latest ING Renault Podcast, reviewing Canada. The second feature is an exclusive interview with Giancarlo Fisichella, talking about how he got into motorsport.

Holly Samos: "Will your children follow your lead?"

Fisichella: "We'll see, at the moment I got Carlotta which is just 8 and maybe... [long pause] Is a girl, you know? I don't know if it's a sport for women."

Then he said that his son is interested in motorcycles already, at the age of 4, so if he wants to get into motorsport then Fisi will let him.

Now, I'm not an idiot and I know that generally speaking, men are stronger than women. I couldn't drive a Formula 1 car to save my life, whereas "me" would have a good go and probably emerge with no broken bones. But I bet there are women out there who can.

And what's stopping them? Attitudes like Fisichella's. He didn't say: "It's not a sport for little girls." Which it isn't. He didn't say: "Well, I wouldn't want my own daughter to do something quite so dangerous." Which is understandable. He said "It's not a sport for women." Which means any female on the entire planet.

F1 is obviously very demanding, you have to be fit and strong, but I don't see a specific reason why you have to have the Y chromosome just to be able to get in a car.

Fisichella was in the blogs recently for announcing his new motorsport academy, where you can learn all the different trades of the business, not just the driving. So, does that mean the men will be allowed behind the wheel, while the women learn to be PA's? Or is it a male-only academy?

I'm not at all surprised by his comments, although he has fallen out of my favour - it just reinforces everything F1 is about. What I am surprised at is Holly's reaction to Fisi's answer. She just went: "Oh yea, absolutely."

Where's the hope if the few credible females that are already inside the paddock just accept it for what it is?