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Nice day for a themed wedding - How to keep your nuptials relevant to F1

Published by Christine

Last year, Mr C and I tied the knot and in true F1-geek fashion, we planned the event around the Grand Prix calendar. That was the extent of our F1 themed nuptials, and when we returned we discovered that there is another way.

For all true F1 fans out there, looking for a place to wed that will reflect their love of the sport alongside their love of each other, the Williams Conference Centre will do the job.

We had this discussion in the comments a while ago, but having uncovered a few other items that you could use to make your wedding F1 shaped, I thought a blog post was in order.

Williams Conference Centre

Firstly, let's look at the conference centre. There are a couple of wedding packages to choose from, and they mostly cater to the natural order of things - champagne, waiters, flowers. Of course, being situated next to the Williams F1 Grand Prix Collection means they throw in a tour of that as well, along with the trophy room and technology exhibition. If that's not enough, you can even select an optional extra which would see your guests enjoy competing in an F1 simulator for the evening. What more could a blushing bride ask for?

Catering company

Well, seeing as you asked, if you wanted to make the catering a little more F1-related, then perhaps Absolute Taste could do the job. The company is owned by the McLaren Group, and although they don't necessarily bake chequered flag cakes (although I'm sure they would if you asked nicely), they do "provide the finest food and hospitality for the guests of VMM, around the world during the grand prix season. A dedicated team at Absolute Taste travels the world creating their food and style at every race and test for 11 months of the year." Imagine the kind of menu they could come up with, and the stories they could tell you.

Finally, if you're still struggling on what to wear, then there is a paddock regular with a fashion designer for a daughter. Granted, it's hard to want to part with money and give it to anyone called Ecclestone, but Petra does design some pretty nice clothes. The suits are stunning. There's no bridal wear, but again, you've just got to have the right persuading tactic (money).

Now that I've started to figure out how to have the perfect F1 themed wedding, I'm jealous of anyone that has yet to start organising their own celebrations. What kind of fool was I for heading off into the sunset on a boat, when I could have been beating Mr C in an F1 simulator. If you've had any experience of F1 themed activities that would fit in our fictional wedding day, please let us know. Or perhaps you've got some ideas of how you'd want your own dream F1 day to go. Feel free to share, whilst I attempt to get Mr C to agree to renewing one's vows. Who cares if it's only been a year?