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New Year's reconstruction - A lick of paint and a brand new theme to kick start the new year

Published by Christine

You may have noticed a new theme around these parts.

We're working on upgrading everything about the show, and the site was the first step. I wanted things to be a bit more orderly, because I am a control freak, so I spent a while looking around for new themes. I say a while, I mean a few months.

The thing is, there are so many themes out there that have interesting ideas or good designs attached, but none of them quite do the job for me. I found a couple that were contenders, but there was always something irrefutably wrong with them that couldn't really be fixed without major work.

The solution, it seemed, was to write our own Wordpress theme. So that's what I've been doing over Christmas. Fun! This is my punishment for being a control freak.

Actually, it was interesting, and although I can't claim to have done it all by myself, a lot of the CSS is written by my fair hands. So if you find anything irritating, I guess you should point your complaints at my good self.

Seriously though, it's still a little baby theme, with tweaks happening all the time, but if you see something you think could be done a better way, or any constructive feedback you'd like to make, we're open to any suggestions.

The quote button that was requested for the comments a couple of posts ago is now up and running, it has issues, but it works. We're hoping to bring some more buttons to make commenting even easier.