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New Year F1 resolutions 2011 - Making promises for the new Formula One season

Published by Christine

After perusing how well we did with our resolutions in 2010, it's time to look ahead to the next year and decide what good deeds we are going to achieve by this time 2011. We're going to select F1 related items here, but feel free to share what you are hoping for from the next twelve months in life as well as anything else.


  1. Create at least four new mini serieses. Mr C keeps nagging me to do more, I have lots and lots of ideas, and I just need to buckle down and get them sorted.
  2. Expand the Factbyte Factbox to more events. Because it's awesome.
  3. Continue along the path of my mid-life crisis, with regular Sidepodcast updates.
  4. Watch more IndyCar and learn more about the teams and drivers. I really enjoyed the IndyCar races we watched this year, and I felt bad I only got into it towards the very end of the season.
  5. Win a game of chess. Sidepodchess has taken off in great style. I lost my first two games in spectacular fashion and then sulked, then I engineered a draw against Alex when he pressed the wrong button. So, winning would be quite an achievement.

Mr C

I will add Mr C's New Year's Resolutions after I have a) woken him up and b) thought some up for him. Please let us know what you think you might be able to achieve in 2011, and we will come back in 12 months and see how we all got on.