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New for 2009 - Sidepodcast video available for branded F1 websites

Published by Mr. C

A very, very long time ago, eons ago in fact, we introduced the idea of 'free F1 content for your website'. Essentially this was an embeddable audio player containing news in the form of F1Minute. That generic player has done remarkably well for us, and we have seen it appear in the most unexpected of places and there have been many more downloads of the daily minute as result. Now we're taking the concept to the next level.

Much as we did with Sidepodcast's Partner TV Player, we're offering a branded version, tailored with a custom image and audio introduction, to anyone who's interested in including it on their site. For the past month or so we've been trialling the idea in two places - Pitlane Fanatic and Racing Bulls. If you haven't already seen them in action we recommend you go check them out now, but here's a heads-up for the uninitiated.

Pitlane Fanatic

Jackie and Jolly from Pitlane Fanatic were on the show a couple of days ago, and you might've got the impression Jolly is something of a fan of Christine's daily minute. We're just as big fans of them too though, and we love the look and feel of the site. The F1Minute player fits snugly into the silver design.

Check out for more information.

Racing Bulls

Ian from Racing Bulls is a familiar name around these parts and for the second time he signed up to be our beta tester. The branded F1Minute player is situated above the ever popular message board and just like the previous example contains a custom logo and audio introduction.

Check out for more information.

If you're interested in partnering with F1Minute, please either email Christine or let us know in the comments. The audio is updated every weekday during the off-season and seven days a week once the racing gets underway. It's free to use, easy to install on most sites (we can help if you're struggling), and now you can integrate and brand it as your own. What's not to like?