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My not-quite mid-life crisis - A potential change in career for one of the Sidepodcast hosts

Published by Christine

Here at Sidepodcast, we are pretty open about a lot of things, and we like to canvas opinion wherever possible. After discussing this topic behind closed doors, Mr C pondered why this one should be any different. I was hesitant at first, but after thinking about it, I believe he may be right. So, whilst the following is off-topic for F1 fans, it is certainly in keeping with the behind the scenes aspect of Sidepodcast.

What I go to school for

I've never really known what I wanted to do for a living, I still don't. Since I left school, I have worked with numbers because I am relatively good at it, and it pays a nice wage. It doesn't get me excited though. I didn't know what would.

Then there was Sidepodcast, and suddenly I was working for a living so that I could rush home and get on with what I really wanted to be doing. That seems a bit backwards, doesn't it? I know not everyone enjoys their job, but to go to work for a bit of a rest certainly doesn't sound like things are working out.

Would you take this woman seriously?
Credit: Sidepodcast

Two rather important things happened recently, to throw the not-quite mid-life crisis that I'm currently experiencing.

Firstly, after much hassling from Mr C over a definite goal for my career, I finally caved and said, out loud: "I would like to write." That's all I know. I'm not talking about writing a novel or becoming a newspaper journalist, but some kind of creative output involving words, is my new goal.

Secondly, after yet another brilliant few hours spent Factbyte Factboxing, I realised that writing, disseminating information, looking up facts and sharing them, that is where the fun lies. In a recent podcast, I mentioned that I don't think I've ever enjoyed something so much that was such hard work.

Media skeptic

With a seriously fuzzy goal now set in my mind, I have floundered a little. Perusing the Guardian website, under their rather interesting jobs section, most media-related employers are asking for experience and/or a qualification. That sounds about right for most work endeavours.

I found a good-looking distance course from the London School of Journalism. That would look good on your CV, wouldn't it? In fact, there are several courses I would be interested in on there, including Media Law and Sub-Editing, but it is the Freelance and Sports Writing modules that have caught my eye.

This post on my personal blog, that caused quite the discussion about degrees and whatnot, focused on the Open University, and they have a rather good-looking English degree. I've never been keen on the degree route, really, but if it's a subject I am actually interested in, that may make the difference.

Ultimately, I'm not sure where I'm going next, and I want you to help me. This is a long-term thing, I'm not expecting to wake up and have the job I want tomorrow. If you have any suggestions as to the kind of thing I should be focusing on or can recommend some courses in the comments I would be very grateful.

As ever, in return I'll keep you updated along the way as to what I choose and how I get along. You'll likely notice me practicing some bits and pieces here on Sidepodcast too and I hope you can embrace that and join me for the ride.

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