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My Hangout is your Hangout // The next adventure in live commenting

Published by Christine

This weekend, we introduced a new style of event - the Sidepodcast Hangout. As per usual, in our highly disorganised manner, we rolled the event out in a mysterious and secretive fashion, testing the waters to see how it would go. Looking back on it now, I think it was a success, I hope those that took part think so too.

A place to chill

With plans in the works for the second Sidepodcast Hangout this weekend, it's time to tell you more about it. The live events system has been designed specifically to be easy to set up, so that the overhead for creating an event is a lot less than it used to be. We want to encourage more diverse conversation, but with something of a structure. The daily was great for what it was, but the conversations were best when they had a theme - whether it was to do with F1 or not.

Thus, with the new system working (mostly) smoothly, and a nice break between races, we debuted the first ever Sidepodcast Hangout. A thread open for three hours for any and all discussion - based around an original question. For the first one, it was a simple "what are you doing with your three weeks off" encouraging topics such as holidays, future plans and potential meetups. Open for three hours exactly, the conversation was both broad and structured and I loved every minute of it. The hours flew by.

More to come

This week, we're hoping to do another Hangout, with another question. There's scope for people sharing their links, plugging their wares, sharing stories, jokes, and the general banter that we love you for.

Future plans for the Hangout are not set in stone, but Mr C and I believe it is the ideal thing for a non-race weekend. We're also keen to move the time of the threads around, depending on what other events are happening over the course of the weekend, and to allow for those in differing timezones. There's scope for guests to come up with the initial question and paragraph, who knows where it might lead.

So, for now, I'd just like to thank everyone who took part in the conversation this past weekend, encourage those who missed out to have a read over what went on, and invite everyone to join us when we open up this weekend's thread. We'll work on making the times and dates more obvious, I promise. See you on Sunday!