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My Fuji schedule, what's yours? - Confirmation of the dates and times of live threads for Japan

Published by Christine

Mount Fuji

Ah, the beauty of Japan and China, where we get to indulge in some more night racing antics. Of course this isn't half as much fun as Singapore night racing, but simply us European viewers having to get up at crazy o'clock to get some on track action.

The schedule for Fuji, and therefore Live Commenting is as follows (all time in BST):

DaySessionThread opensStarts
FridayFree Practice 101:3002:00
Free Practice 205:3006:00
SaturdayFree Practice 302:3003:00
SundayThe race04:1505:30

We will be live commenting all the sessions, although I can't promise to actually be awake as a type. Hopefully the action will be worth staying up for, but if not, we can't complain because we're very lucky not to have to do this every race.

If you're joining us, we can't wait to chat our way through the sessions with you. If you can't make it, or are sensibly choosing to sleep instead, then F1 Digest will always be there to fill you in on all that goes on.