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My Formula - A major overhaul for 2012 - Responding to the ideal Formula One setup

Published by KerbRider

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Credit: Andrew Ferraro/LAT Photographic

In essence I agree with Steven, that F1 needs to change as its recent evolution is beginning to find a dead end, and the sport as we know it will die. Simple and sad.

What F1 needs to do, like a person in the same situation, is to find itself a new purpose, because at the moment, there is no purpose to it. It is technologically redundant due to the massive restrictions in place, and the sporting aspect has diminished.

So at the moment we have all these teams running around really doing nothing. The bright side is the bright people who have recently invested massive amounts of their time and money.

Genii Capital, Richard Branson, and Tony Fernandes. These are smart men, who have a history of being in the right place at the right time. These men/companies would not have entered and invested in F1 if they couldn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel.

For me the future of F1 should be exactly thus, and not relying on past glories as Steven so hopes.

Costs need to come down, no brainer, but relevance needs to go up, for me this is also a no brainer. F1 needs to be relevant to separate it from other formulas of motor racing. Being entertainment and socially relevant is what makes F1 the pinnacle for me.

To make it relevant

Teams can choose between 1.5 litre turbos and bio fuel powered. Or 2.4 litre normally aspirated hydrogen fuel, or something of this nature. I'm no engineer, but I firmly believe hydrogen should be investigated for its environmental benefits.

This engine race will evolutionarily figure out the cheapest and most productive engines for road relevance, and the consumer.

Other boffins may say that one engine formula is enough, but for me, test beds can determine power outputs, and teams who choose the lesser of the power outputs could get weight advantages, etc. This point will certainly raise blood pressure in some, but you can't deny it would add interest to the fans, and the public at large, as there would be a very public race to determine the cheapest and easiest way forward for the road going humanity.

A 2 tier championship can be avoided with the right brains (Tony Purnell et al) at the helm.

As for aero - movable wing devices should be allowed, but only single plane, no end fence wings, front and back. This could involve vertical movement, and/or tilt and whirl.

Widen the car's track back out to 2 metres purely for aesthetics in my view. I believe the FIA have plans in the wings for no overlapping body parts. I agree with this, as it will streamline the ugly appearance on Modern F1 cars. Despite the brilliance of it, the Mclaren in '08 was ugly. All the aero flicks and flacks, and other knick knacks are superfluous and epitomise the fact that the sport turned into a spending race, rather than a road race.

Circuits. I agree with Steven up to a point. Sure Tilke can design a paddock area, but his tracks are woeful. There are some good sections here and there in his designs, but overall they are stinkers, and have been a major contributor to F1 boredom in recent times.

F1 needs to go to the people, so more street races should be welcomed

For me, leave Suzuka and Spa, bring back the old Hockenheim, Zolder, Kyalami. But adding to that, F1 cannot rely on its income solely from diehard fans. F1 needs to go to the people, so more street races should be welcomed. On the right circuit it works. Valencia? No thanks. Rome, though, it will be interesting to see the layout.

For a race in the US, why not Watkins Glen again. Surely Bernie can organise cash for it to be developed. If he was serious, he would do it himself. No US race would certainly have been a factor, if only a minor one, in the manufacturer exodus.

The reason for recent forays into other markets is purely a money issue. Nothing to do with the sporting aspect. Not good enough in my eyes. How much money can one person have, Bernie?

Pit Crews in pit stops should be limited to two jack-men, and one man for each tyre. That’s all. This is not only a cost cutting measure, but adds to the show too when we see the pit crew going hell for leather like in V8 Supercars or NASCAR.

I like pit action personally, so I think refuelling should come back, but tyres should be rock hard for the race, and super soft for qualifying. Fat rears and narrow fronts too.

Parc Ferme rules should stay, as the difference in tyres will add an extra strategy angle in setting the car up for qually or the race. Naturally, slicks remain.

Real gearboxes, and real gear knobs please. Let the driver design their "knob" as they want. Will add that little bit extra for livery and helmet design lovers. I bag that Voldemort would have an 8 ball. Vettel a skull and cross bones.

Let cars have 4 wheels only please. I don’t see how having extra wheels will assist the show. Some things need mandating, as once a discovery is made for the better, then another spending race begins to catch up. As per the potential in the McLaren snorkel, and the effect we saw with the double diffusers, plus many, many more.

Larger discs, controlled calliper force, and low profile wheels

To assist overtaking, the braking power of F1 cars needs mandating more than any other aspect of the modern car. Larger discs, controlled calliper force, and low profile wheels. Done and done. Braking distances need to be longer. It’s a simple theory, yet nothing is being done to fix it.

To conclude, Bernie brought F1 to the world via TV. This brought money. The teams spent the money to go faster so they win. That’s the point.

We don’t know where F1 would be if active suspension was not banned along with all the other stillborn technological advances. It's not worth the thought. What we need is for F1 to embrace a new purpose, and a major overhaul in 2012 is the key. Energy recovery is a must, and a new engine formula also. What that will involve will be decided upon this year some time. I can't wait.