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My brand spanking new 2010 F1 calendar - Keeping track of all the Formula One events in the year

Published by Christine

As time passes, there is more and more in F1 that we need to try and keep track of. Bernie keeps on adding to the race calendar, there are more teams ready to launch and new drivers keep popping up with birthdays. The only thing there is less of is testing, but we still need to follow that as well. To aid us in the pursuit of remembering stuff, we have created an über-calendar - currently available below and in the playground.

A year or so ago, we created two separate Google calendars - one for F1 Minute, with all the race and launch dates on there, and one for Sidepodcast with an attempt at an upcoming podcast schedule. Neither of them did exactly what we wanted and they were gradually dropped as we moved on to other things.

Now that the need for a calendar has cropped up again, we decided to put our minds to the task and come up with a proper solution. Hopefully, we feel we have done that. Google allows the option to create many different calendars - really these should be called categories, I think - and you can feature them all on the same one, or you can pick and choose which are displayed. In this way, we have created the option of seeing the driver birthdays in one colour, and the non-F1 events in another. Those are just two of the calendar categories we created. In full, they are:

  • Commenter Birthdays & Anniversaries
  • Driver Birthdays & Anniversaries
  • F1Minute Schedule
  • F1 Schedule
  • Non-F1 Events
  • Sidepodcast Schedule

Hopefully, these are quite self-explanatory, but a couple of things to note: the Sidepodcast calendar features all related things, including podcasts, live streams, special events, and meetups. The F1 schedule has races, launches, testing, and court dates. The non-F1 events include Autosport, Goodwood and things we will likely live comment such as Le Mans 24 Hours.

There is also a calendar over on F1Minute, which selectively shows the F1 Minute and F1 Schedule, tailor-made to be slightly less cluttered.

If you are a Google user, you can even add them to your own iGoogle homepage, or calendar, by means of the little button in the bottom right. Click the plus, they'll be added, and you can then set your own reminders and such-like.

We are still tweaking the calendar, hence why it remains in the playground. The customisability seems to be endless, so we are also taking suggestions. I'm hoping to use the calendar to aid in some of the daily posts as well, so if anyone has links or thoughts about notable dates to remember, let us know. Plus, if I have missed your birthday, please do shout and I'll add it in.