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Must Comment Monday (redux) - Encouraging the blog conversation as the off-season arrives

Published by Mr. C

Earlier on in the year you may recall the introduction of Must Comment Monday. The premise was simple - further the F1 conversation by means of the humble comment.

Now have your say

As it happened, not long after the concept debuted, Formula 1 went a bit mental and we had a tough time keeping up with comments on this site, let alone anywhere else. However, now that the season is over, and given that this year there's no long-running espionage scandal bubbling away in the background, it feels like a quiet enough period to take a second stab at it.

A quick reminder then. The idea is a simple one - if a blogger publishes a post on a Monday and you happen to read it, then you must leave a comment. Ideally it would be the kind of input that furthers the conversation in some way, but honestly anything that turns someone from a passive reader into a contributor is good in our book.

The theory is, feedback encourages bloggers to write more, which in turn increases the likelihood of better and more informed conversation. This is meant to be a bit of fun to occupy persons during the "quiet period" and our goal is to try and keep this up until the racing gets going again in Australia.

It would be most excellent if anyone is considering taking part. Let us know, and we'll begin this coming Monday. Also, feel free to promote your blog in the comments if you're planning on posting and we'll promise to stop by and say "hullo".