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Must Comment Monday - Encouraging more blog comments and F1 conversation

Published by Christine

You may have heard us mention it on the show, and you may have noticed us littering comments around the web yesterday, but what does it all mean? Must Comment Monday is back!

What is it?

You see these things all the time: Photo Friday, Talky Tuesday, Question Saturday. Some of them are genuinely cool things to take part in, and some of them are just a way for people to come up with ideas to fill their blogs. Sidepodcast doesn't like to miss out on anything, so we're resurrecting one of the best: Must Comment Monday.

This is something that I came up with, back in the days before Sidepodcast - those long, long hours spent thinking about things other than Formula 1. What was that like? With the demise of my personal blog, Must Comment Monday went out the window as well. But it was a good idea, and that's why we're bringing it back.

What does it mean?

Everybody loves to read blogs, but sometimes it's only when you feel exceptionally compelled that you might leave a comment. Comments take extra time, and does anyone read them anyway? As a blogger, I can tell you that comments are about 70% of the reason why we blog. The rest is all about having a platform to moan about Mosley or brood about Button.

Here at Sidepodcast, we live to read your comments. You guys add so much to the conversation and are incredibly intelligent, picking us up when we're wrong, and teaching us things we don't know. In my case, that's quite a lot.

Anyway, Must Comment Monday is an attempt to make commenting a part of the routine. Each Monday, every F1 blog we read, we're gonna comment on. It's as simple as that.

Are there rules?

Generally, I stick to a few rules:

  1. You comment on a Monday, therefore the blog post should be from Monday. If there's more than one post that day, you only need to comment on one, but feel free to do more if you want.
  2. You don't have to comment on blogs that require you to sign up/log in.
  3. "I agree" or "Right on, man" isn't really adding anything to the conversation, and is therefore not really in the spirit of the game.

What do I have to do?

Nothing. You can sit back and revel in the improved conversation.

Or you can take part, join in the fun and make Monday your commenting day. If I'm not convincing you yet, here are two more things I'm gonna try.

First, leaving a comment can seriously make someone's day. You can be happy in the knowledge that you made a blogger smile. You might start a conversation, make new friends, revel in a new found social circle.


Okay, fine, then we've made you a button badge:

Must Comment Monday logo

Isn't it pretty? You can't possibly resist the button badge.

Must Comment Monday. You know you want to.