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Movable floors - Another area that McLaren and Ferrari may have crossed paths

Published by Mr. C

I was reading through a couple of comments about movable floors that were left on the previous post, when I remembered the following text, relating to McLaren's request for FIA clarification, written on earlier this year.

The move came amid suspicions that a similar system that had been used by Ferrari since 2003 was helping the front of their floor flex up at high speed.

If the above turns out to be true, did that historical information come from Stepney? And if so, and Ferrari were deliberately running illegally throughout their title winning '03 and '04 campaigns, and if it can be proved, could we yet see the Scuderia stripped of their titles?

It's a hell of a long shot, but we don't know how much Nigel really knows. Neither are we sure what McLaren have up their sleeves. Both parties are sounding quite bullish right at this moment though.

Last question for you. Back at the beginning of the year BMW were named as another team possibly benefiting from flexible floors. Is that a co-incidence I wonder?