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Most prolific contributors for 2009 - A brief look at the chatty commentors of the past year

Published by Mr. C

So '09 came and went, and during the year we had a couple of things to say on a subject or two. We weren't the only ones though, some 444,749 individual comments were posted on Sidepodcast between 1 January and 31 December 2009.

We may be biased, but we truly believe the Sidepodcast community is the very best F1 community on the internet. I'm banned from thanking anyone else, but just as we did last year, we thought we'd take a look and see which individuals contributed the most to the conversation in the past 12 months.

Top Sidepodcast Commenters of 2009
1Steven Roy32,889
2Bassano Clapper23,638
3Gavin Brown (RubberGoat)22,927
8Alex Andronov18,525
9Jon Waldock18,211

Last year, Lou topped the chart with 10,064 comments. She nearly doubled that figure this year, but still came close to falling out of the top ten. Steven's whopping 32,889 comments sees him way out in front as Sidepodcast's Commenting King of 2009. Mr. Roy we owe you a drink or three.

Over 800 individuals left comments this past year, up considerably from the 200 or so in 2008. We welcome everybody with open arms, but we do have to work on keeping hold of new commenters, as more than 300 people left a single response, never to return again.

As for ourselves, Christine didn't quite make the top ten this year leaving just 14,641 comments, while I somehow managed to hit the return key 44,247 times. I think that might count as an addiction.

We should point out that while we've done our best to validate the figures, all counts were aggregated by email address and if you changed yours during the year, your total may not accurately reflect your true effort. We've also done the obvious things like remove spam and trackbacks to ensure only user generated data is totalled.

Sidepodcast passed the 500,000 published comments mark this year, and with that came numerous scalability challenges that we're still working to overcome. We're hoping that people will continue to contribute to the F1 conversation in 2010, and that those lurkers who read but have yet to join in the fun do so soon.

We look forward to reading your next half a million thoughts.

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