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Most prolific contributors for 2008 - A look at our very own site statistics for the year of commenting

Published by Mr. C

Now that we're done and dusted with 2008, we have one or two final sets of statistics left to wrap up.

Sidepodcast's most talkative

On the sidebar of most pages on this site there was a Most Talkative section that listed the top five most active people during the past 30 days, along with the number of comments they left during that period. At the time of writing Steven Roy leads the table with a total 1183 comments since the 2nd December... and there's not even any racing going on.

While 30 days is quite a useful cut-off point, several times of late we've been asked to divulge who's left the most comments during the year. So here is the definitive list of the top 5 commentators on Sidepodcast during 2008:

Scott Woodwiss8,435
Steven Roy7,517
Alex Andronov4,938

We should point out that to arrive at these figures we grouped people by their email address, so if anyone changed theirs during the course of the year, it's possible some comments were not assigned correctly. We've done our very best however, to ensure every comment from those listed above has been accounted for.

10,064 is staggering amount of comments for one person to write in the space of a twelve months, and Lou is without question the Sidepodcast Commenting Queen of 2008.

We've said it many a time, but we really appreciate the effort everyone makes. From those leaving thousands of messages to the 215 individuals who left us a single thought last year.

We've had a significant number of new faces pop up in the comments these past few weeks, which is lovely to see. If you're reading this post but have yet to speak up, why not give it a go today? Sidepodcast can be an addictive community, and some of the best ideas began by someone hitting that submit button. With our commenting solutions, joining the conversation couldn't be easier and you never know, ten thousand comments later, you may find yourself hooked.

I guess the only question that remains is will that number be beaten this time next year, and who will top the table for 2009?

We'll see you in the comments.

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