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More videos on your iPhone - Dailymotion step up support for mobile video viewing

Published by Mr. C

By some freaky coincidence, our new plan to support the iPhone happens to fit nicely with Dailymotion's new plan to support the same device. Although in truth, they got there before us, I just hadn't heard about it.

This is fantastic news, because it means that now we don't have to worry about testing or supporting the device-that-cannot-be-purchased-here. All of our videos are currently up on Dailymotion anyway, so now they'll handle the fiddly bits for us.

If you own a 'glorified iPod' and fancy checking out some of our shows, simply browse to and enter the keyword sidepodcast into the search box.

I'm assuming that this service will still require a user to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot, so it doesn't quite count as true F1 video on your mobile. But from where we were two days ago, it's another great step forward.

If only I could get me a widescreen, touchscreen iPod minus the silly phone thingy, life would be perfect.