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More from Silverstone // Another visit to the British track for more Formula One testing

Published by Mr. C

Timo Glock at Silverstone

Given a small window in my diary, I figured I'd pop back to Silverstone today. Boy was that a mistake. After such a wonderful day yesterday, today was utter chaos!

Firstly, almost twice as many people turned up, traffic was manic and even getting through the entrance gate was verging on traumatic. Secondly, it turns out I was wrong yesterday when I said: were given free reign of almost the entire track.

Scrub that. It turns out that fans are only actually given access to a couple of corners and the main straight. Yesterday apparently was an exception that isn't to be repeated.

Liuzzi at Silverstone

The event people resolutely refused to allow anyone around the best bits of the circuit (Hanger Straight, Becketts etc). To me, these are the only places to watch an F1 car in action, not the noddy section that is Luffield. Okay, fans still get a chance to see the high speed exit from Bridge. But what about the 180km/h turn into Stowe? That's where I want to see a modern Formula 1 car in action.

According to the announcer, the restriction was in place due to a lack of available marshals. Say what? They're charging £10 per person, per day and they can't sort a simple thing like personnel out?

I shouldn't be disappointed, I should be delighted that I got the chance to see what I saw yesterday. But part of me still wants to scream this sucks.

Kovalainen at Silverstone

For me, today was a major disappointment and I think I'll skip tomorrow.