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More Formula 1 television - Mercedes-Benz become the next to invest in online video

Published by Mr. C

Car manufacturers are slowly waking up to the benefits of Internet TV and hot on the heels of the aforementioned Honda Racing TV comes Mercedes-Benz TV.

Along with a number of Formula 1 related clips, the site features a very cool user interface that we might have to 'borrow' some ideas from! However, as with the Honda channel, the site lacks the most important bit of the Internet television revolution - the ability to share cool stuff.

For example, there happens to be a great video on the site that features a remake of the classic Coulthard / Herbert / Mowlem battle at Silverstone.

This time Brundle replaces Walker as commentator, while Alonso deputises for DC. It's a brilliant remake, but can I share the new video on this site? Nope. Can I link directly to that video on the Mercedes site? Not a chance. Thankfully some kind soul had the common sense to upload the movie to YouTube, so here it is for your enjoyment:

As for the manufactures and their leap into the online revolution - it's a case of so near yet so far.

One day they'll figure it all out, but by then I'm sure we'll have moved onto something much better.