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More details emerge on Renault case - Nelson Piquet Sr and Jr continue to add to the story

Published by Christine

AUTOSPORT have uncovered some more details surrounding the upcoming Renault hearing, particularly noting where the new information has come from:

Sources claim that the Singapore race-fix matter came to light on July 26 - the day of Piquet's last race for Renault in Hungary - when his father Nelson contacted FIA president Max Mosley to make him aware of what had happened.

Apparently, a meeting is alleged to have taken place between Briatore, Pat Symonds and Piquet Jr, which may or may not have been the moment when the plan was conceived. Briatore and Symonds agree the meeting took place but say it was all Piquet's idea!

The other bit I would like to know more about is: "Briatore is reported to have claimed that he was: "a victim of extortion by the Piquet family."

What do we think about these new revelations?