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Money for nothing! - Christine's Rankings, Week 21 - Things go quiet as drivers head on their holidays

Published by Christine

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We've had a bumper couple of weeks of rankings points but naturally as Formula One goes on its summer break, the activity and pointsworthy moments trail off. There's still a few drivers up to no good though, particularly the Red Bull boys who are showing off their holiday plans, the McLaren boys who have a few questions to answer, and Valtteri Bottas who reveals some very interesting things about himself!

Do keep your eyes peeled for drivers up to exciting things whilst on their break, holiday snaps, a fashion faux pas, or just passing the time of day with fans. Let me know what you find out.

Movements for Week 21

  • +1 Fernando Alonso: Loving his extra-competitive nature in the McLaren version of Grill the Grid, won't listen to Stoffel that they're meant to be working together.
  • +1 Stoffel Vandoorne: You can see that Stoffel has to put up with a lot partnering with Fernando Alonso, bless him.
  • +1 Daniel Ricciardo: Not sure how much say they had in their summer accessories, but I'm loving the watermelon.
  • +1 Max Verstappen: Not sure how much say they had in their summer accessories, but I'm loving the flamingo.
  • +2 Fernando Alonso: Alonso being as excited as the rest of us about Robert Kubica's test day.
  • +2 Valtteri Bottas: I really love this Secret Life of post only for the line about the self-opening umbrella. Still chuckling about it now.
  • +2 Lewis Hamilton: Spot of lawn mowing with not very much in the way of straight lines.

Standings for Week 21

This week's standings
10Daniel Ricciardo151
20Fernando Alonso348
30Valtteri Bottas236
41Lewis Hamilton231
5-1Max Verstappen130
60Romain Grosjean23
70Daniil Kvyat22
80Carlos Sainz Jr21
90Nico Hülkenberg15
100Sebastian Vettel14
110Felipe Massa13
120Esteban Ocon13
130Kevin Magnussen12
140Sergio Pérez12
150Kimi Räikkönen9
161Stoffel Vandoorne18
17-1Jenson Button8
180Lance Stroll6
190Marcus Ericsson2
200Jolyon Palmer2
210Paul di Resta1
220Antonio Giovinazzi1
230Pascal Wehrlein1
240Sergey Sirotkin0
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