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Monaco 2009 - Schedule // Our plans for covering Formula One at the glitzy Monte Carlo

Published by Christine

Overlooking Monaco

The season is starting to settle in now, after the madness of the first month or so. We're heading over to Monaco this weekend for the Grand Prix that all the celebs come out in force for. Oh joy.

We've got two schedules to cover this weekend, and with Free Practice being on a Thursday in Monaco, this will be our bible for the next few days. The first table revolves around the BBC coverage, whilst the second is our own vague podcasting schedule. All times are BST.

TV schedule

It's all about 5live for us here, as someone's man-crush on David Croft increases as each week passes. However, here are the times you need to know:

DaySessionThread OpensStarts
ThursdayFree Practice 18:308:55
Free Practice 212:3012:55
SaturdayFree Practice 39:309:55
Qualifying11:3012:10 (q1 starts 1pm)
SundayThe Race12:0012:10 (race starts 1pm)

Podcast schedule

The first two Digest shows have to move up a day, and we're reintroducing Parade Lap into the schedule.

DayPodcastSuggested Times
WednesdayF1 Digest9pm
F1 Digest9pm
F1 Digest9pm
SundayParade Lap11am
Live Streaming7pm
MondayF1 Digest9pm

An Aside with Joe will hopefully return this week as well, but it's hard to put that into the schedule as we aren't sure of the timings just yet. If you've got any questions for Joe, let us know and we'll try and pass them on. Don't forget to join us for live commenting on the site if you're free for any of the sessions, and I will see you there!