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Monaco 2013 - Rate the race - Rate an incident-filled, stop-start race and pick your driver of the day

Published by Christine

You can rely on Monaco to deliver when it comes to incidents, and we saw plenty of drivers find their way into the barriers this afternoon. The racing action was of a different style to that we have been used to recently, but did it make for an entertaining way to spend a Sunday?

There was plenty to keep up with as the action in Monaco unfolded, but two things caught our eye in particular. The stewards were kept busy with so many drivers finding the limits of the track and beyond, whilst Romain Grosjean had a weekend to forget.

It's difficult to find contenders for driver of the day this week, as those who did really well were simply those who kept their head down and stayed out of trouble. Sometimes that's all that is required though, so make your selection for the best driver out there this afternoon.

If you're not keen on any of those selections, do let us know who you would have voted for in the comments. Equally, if you've picked one of those, share your thoughts on who and what you've rated and why.

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