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Monaco 2011 - Rate the race - Cast your vote on who was the driver of the day in Monte Carlo

Published by Christine

Monaco was such a mixed race that both rating it and picking out a driver of the day is quite the challenge. The race heralded both the highs and lows that Formula One can give, with some fantastic tension and a setup to what would be an amazing ending. But then, of course, it was all popped like a balloon and the end was a letdown. How does that affect our scores? If you want to hear the audio version, check out this week's F1 Debrief, but here are our choices noted for future reference.

Rate the race

A lot of people suggest that the ending of the race shouldn't affect how you score it, considering how epic the majority of the 78 laps was. However, I like to take a race as a whole, and ultimately, it wasn't the best of the season. However, let us know what you think, better or worse than what we have seen already?

Rate the Race 2011
AustraliaMr C7
MalaysiaMr C9
ChinaMr C9.5
TurkeyMr C9.75
SpainMr C8.5
MonacoMr C6

This is the first time Mr C and I have agreed on a score, and here it is displayed in graph form.

Rate the race graph

Driver of the day

Personally, I toyed with handing driver of the day to Jenson Button, but although he did a good job, I don't want to choose the same driver two weeks in a row. I'm weird like that. So instead, I handed my accolade to Kamui Kobayashi, who did a great job around a circuit that he could have got very, very wrong. It was also a great job from Sauber in what was a difficult weekend for them.

Mr C was pondering going for Fernando Alonso, but perhaps he subscribes to the same no-two-drivers-in-a-row theory as me (he doesn't) because he opted to go for Jenson Button. The McLaren driver did the best job he could, didn't make any mistakes and still lost the race. He also came out looking pretty good compared to his teammate who suffered something of a meltdown after a stressful afternoon.

That's what we thought, but who gets your vote?

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