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Mika's McLaren miles - Mika returns to the track, testing with McLaren

Published by Christine

McLaren's newest well-kept secret - the return of Mika Häkkinen - has now been confirmed, with the former world champion set to return to the track tomorrow, Thurs 30th.

Hakkinen says that although the test is a serious business, he is excited to find out whether he still has the speed to keep up with F1. The Finn retired in 2001 after winning two driver's championships ('98 and '99) and hasn't been in an F1 car since.

Ron Dennis, supremo at McLaren, has commented on the value of feedback from Häkkinen considering their disastrous performance last year.

That's all very well and good, but seems like a lot of fuss about nothing. What's the point in getting in an F1 car just to test it? He obviously wants to come back and the sooner they get on with admitting it, the happier I'll be.