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Merry Sidepodmas 2011 - Wishing a happy healthy festive holiday to one and all!

Published by Christine

It's Christmas Eve, and I've spent the day gloriously indulging in some catch up tasks now that we have a few days off work, coinciding with the off season. It's always good when that happens. The year is gradually winding down and it seems only right, in our finest tradition, to wish each and every one of you happy holidays. Not everyone is a fan of Christmas, indeed, we don't do anything major to observe it, so instead, we're creating our own festive celebration!

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Lukeh has already handed out presents to the most deserving in the F1 paddock, and hopefully over the next 24 hours, you will manage to get your hands on some gifts of your own, no matter how big or small. Do share what your haul is if you are given anything fabulous. I won't be breaking any secrets to reveal that Mr C and I have not got each other anything. Win!

There's also lots of baking going on, with mince pies being created and consumed, plus some more complicated recipes being tried out as well. Sidepodmas is, after all, a holiday dominated by food. I've seen too many frozen turkeys for my liking over the past few weeks, but they should all now be defrosting, ready for their big day tomorrow.

We'll be watching some festive and not so festive TV. There's a Doctor Who Christmas Special to be consumed and Mr C has declared that watching Love Actually is now a tradition, and we must re-watch soon. This time last year, we'd already all watched it together!

Whatever you are doing for the holidays, whether it is sharing the joy with family and friends, or - like us - hiding away from it with a bottle of wine or two, then I hope it's a good one. You've been fabulous this year, and I can't really thank you enough for your support as we just keep on keeping on. Merry Christmas Sidepodmas to all!