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Mercedes to increase Brawn involvement? - The German manufacturer to move further into Formula One

Published by Christine

The rumour of the day is that Mercedes are gradually increasing their hold on Formula 1, with their partnership with Brawn GP set to get even bigger. Although exact details are scarce, Autosport is reporting that the engine suppliers may invest in the team and take some equity.

No one will comment from Mercedes, but Autosport have done some digging and found some sources. Meanwhile, McLaren aren't worried about their partnership with the company. A spokesperson said:

However, we're supportive of our partner's plans regarding engine supply of other teams in Formula 1, and we were delighted earlier this year that a Mercedes-Benz engine supply deal was able to be done with Brawn, thereby saving that team from likely extinction.

Are Mercedes gradually taking over the sport? What are their plans? Are they one of the new investors Brawn are keeping hush hush, or is this on top of that?