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Me and Page 22 - Celebrating Mr C's published photograph in F1 Racing

Published by Mr. C

The past month and a bit has been a little hectic in the F1 world and we're really only just managing to catch a breath.

Along with a rather packed racing calendar and a London meetup, April kicked off with the delight of opening F1 Racing and finding a certain picture, taken by a certain person featured on Page 22.

McLaren testing at Kemble on page 22 of F1 Racing

In theory this shouldn't have been a particularly eventful moment in my life, partly because the same picture had already been featured in Racecar Engineering magazine, but also because I was expecting the image to be somewhere within F1 Racing when I opened it.

However, the published picture was much larger than expected, filling almost half a printed page, and even included a small Sidepodcast credit in the spine. I might have gotten a little excitable in the comments that morning.

F1 Racing is held in very high esteem in our household, so whilst the monthly purchase of RCE magazine often receives more than its fair share of cheeky backchat, Christine couldn't fail to be impressed by the contents of her favourite read.

And that was before Alex cooked up a site and a plan.

Page 22's adventures have been well documented in the comments and on the podcast already, but just in case you've not taken a look, please have a read of Alex's site. The magazine has already played some XBox, conducted scientific experiments, hooked up with other page 22's and enjoyed a trip on a roller-coaster!

Time has marched ever onwards though, and this month's F1 Racing arrived on Friday, with some inconsequential information relating to KERS adorning the now legendary location. The adventures won't stop, mind you. Aitch posted earlier today that his copy has now arrived on the other side of the Atlantic and he's already planning a road trip for Page 22 in the future. If you're going somewhere interesting, why not take the glossy superstar along for the ride?

Many thanks to everyone who made April such a fantastic month for Sidepodcast, and for all the contributions. A massive thank you also to Alex for occupying our minds in between the on track action and especially to F1 Racing for printing such a flipping huge picture.