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McLaren's Tooned now available on iTunes - The animated F1 series makes its debut in the cloud

Published by Mr. C

I was mighty pleased to discover today that McLaren's brilliant animated series Tooned has made its merry way onto the iTunes Store. Both Christine and I were hugely impressed with the show last year, and I've been keen to own a copy since episode one.

Jenson Button in Tooned
Hey, how you doin?Credit: McLaren

Although the series has been available to purchase in the oh so quaint DVD format for a while now, we'd somehow missed its arrival in iTunes. Now we can relive the off-track hijinks of Jenson, Lewis and Professor M at our leisure.

All 12 episodes from series one are available for download in the UK, either individually at £1.19 apiece or from £9.99 for the entire series.

Rather perplexingly, each episode is currently only available in standard definition format, despite being originally aired in high definition on Sky Sports F1. This seems like a pointless restriction, presumably to align the content with DVD sales. Fingers crossed someone sees sense and the HD versions are made available too.

View Tooned on the iTunes Store

So far as I'm aware, this is the first time any Formula One television content has been made available to purchase on iTunes. Here's hoping the official season reviews and more follow soon.