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McLaren's feathering legal - The FIA side with Ron Dennis on the front wing design

Published by Christine

On Episode 17 (Part 2), we mentioned McLaren's bendy front wing, or should I say 'feathering' front wing?

Well, the FIA have taken Ron's side over this, and declared the front wing absolutely legal. The wing was examined before this weekend's race in Spain and an FIA spokesman has said: "The matter has been investigated and no action is required."

My favourite part of this story is not that though. I was watching it during the race and didn't think it was particularly bendy, so this news does not surprise me.

The bit I like is from Ferrari technical director Mario Almondo: "At the moment, we think we do not have anything against McLaren. Full stop."

At the moment. But we are working hard on it. Seriously. We can't wait until we find something. Then we're bringing Ron down. Just wait. We'll get him back.