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McLaren were worried Alonso won't fit in - Martin Whitmarsh eyes new driver pairing warily

Published by Christine

I mean, the headline says it all really. McLaren have come out and said that they were worried that Alonso wouldn't really be suited to the car. The Spaniard's driving style is quite unique, with an "agressive turn-in technique" and McLaren were beginning to wonder whether the car would be able to take it.

But apparently, this hasn't been a problem and both car and driver are well suited to each other.

The CEO of McLaren, Martin Whitmarsh has said: "With Lewis Hamilton already doing an exceptional job, there are no excuses in our driver line-up. We've got to provide them with a car capable of winning the world championship - and if we do, we'll win it."

Which is flipping obvious, but that's what you get from CEO's. Seems to me that if you spend all that money on a driver, and pinch him from under your rival team's nose, and if that driver is the only driver in the last MANY years to have beaten Schumacher, you will design your car around him. It doesn't matter what his driving style is, fix the car so it works.

That's what I think, anyway.