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McLaren take an early lead in the 2011 Team Rankings - In which the first ever rankings points are handed out to teams

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For 2011, Christine's Rankings is going to be handing out double the points! Well, maybe. The idea is more that teams can get in on the action as well, having their very own leaderboard to compete with each other on. This first edition has plenty of action as the teams have been launching their 2011 cars over the past week or so, plus we got to see them in action during the recent test. I'd expect more of the same after the visit to Jerez later this week.

Today, though, we focus on some great launches, and some not so good ones. Colour schemes take centre stage, and who sponsors who really matters.

Movements for Week 1

  • -1 Force India Formula One Team: -1 for their launch video in which the drivers were put in front of a green screen, despite the fact they have green in their race suits.
  • -4 HRT Formula 1 Team: -4 for a rather embarrassing livery that smacks of desperation.
  • +3 Lotus Renault GP: +3 for keeping us well informed on Kubica's condition throughout.
  • +2 Red Bull Racing: +2 for having a Haynes manual.
  • -2 Team Lotus: -2 for redesigning their website and making it worse than it ever was. New one in March, apparently. Two months away.
  • +1 Sauber F1 Team: +1 for bringing tequila sponsorship to F1, makes a nice change from all the many energy drinks.
  • +3 Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro: +3 for a really nice message to Kubica.
  • +5 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes: +5 for a unique launch and for the nifty 3D stuff on their website.

Standings for Week 1

This week's standings
111Vodafone McLaren Mercedes55
22Lotus Renault GP33
36Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro33
43Red Bull Racing22
53Sauber F1 Team11
6-5AT&T Williams0
7-2Marussia F1 Team0
8-2Mercedes GP Petronas Formula One Team0
91Scuderia Toro Rosso0
10-8Force India Formula One Team-1-1
110Team Lotus-2-2
12-9HRT Formula 1 Team-4-4
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