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McLaren reverse radio policy? - Airing pit-to-car conversations despite recent swearing

Published by Mr. C

Alonso in Turkey

For me, the most interesting thing about yesterday's qualifying session, was hearing a radio conversation between Lewis and his engineer, while he was on an out-lap.

Prior to this weekend, the McLaren team have routinely refused permission for their radio traffic to be heard whilst either qualifying or the race is in progress - although on occasion the humble television viewer has been privy to a few words on a slowing down lap, post action.

Various arguments have been put forward defending the unnecessary restriction (most relating to Ferrari similarly encrypting their voices), but given that Renault recently won two World Championships in a row without feeling the need to resort to such tactics, this attitude is pretty much indefensible.

This weekend though things have apparently changed for the better. We can probably assume that the Woking team's sudden change of heart is related to the qualifying debacle in Hungary. McLaren faced unprecedented public uproar that could have been avoided, if only they'd made their radio traffic available.

It'll be interesting to see if today's experiment is to be repeated. Then all we have to do is convince Ferrari to do the same, and the F1 world will be a better (and more informed) place.