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McLaren launch MP4-22 - The new Formula One challenger from Woking is unveiled

Published by Christine

They certainly know how to do things in style. Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton took to the streets of Valencia, watched by over 100,000 locals. The streets were lit up, the event was televised, there were circus acts and musicians and fireworks.

Oh yea, and there was a new car as well.

No one seems to be particularly fussed about how the new car is any different to the old one. The emphasis seems to be on the new team and how they present themselves to the public.

Ron Dennis has been saying the exact same thing.

Today is really about not just showing the car and the drivers but more about our effort to practically demonstrate the commitment to Formula One. Don't see it as just a glitzy way to reveal a car. People wanted a dynamic Formula One that reached out. This is our effort to satisfy that need.

- Ron Dennis

Yes. And the car?