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McLaren go for a spin and head up the Team Rankings chart - In which McLaren's openness allows them to move up the order

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It's been a quiet week in the wake of no testing and extra time before the season begins, but the teams have been busy getting their PR machines up and running. Sometimes it works, in the case of McLaren who have been letting the BBC get their cameras involved, and sometimes it doesn't, with the Red Bull embargo business.

It's no change at the top as Renault still lead the way, but McLaren begin to catch up.

Movements for Week 4

  • -2 AT&T Williams: -2 for providing terribly lit pictures of their livery launch.
  • +1 Lotus Renault GP: +1 for a bit of an insight into seat fitting with Bruno Senna.
  • +2 Force India Formula One Team: +2 for using the phrase "Twitpic or it didn't happen."
  • -4 Red Bull Racing: -4 points for the Infiniti debacle. Who has an embargo in this day and age? I had to stay up past my bedtime!
  • +3 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes: +3 for letting their drivers loose on the Top Gear track (with Jake Humphrey along for the ride).

Standings for Week 4

This week's standings
10Lotus Renault GP112
22Vodafone McLaren Mercedes38
3-1Mercedes GP Petronas Formula One Team6
4-1AT&T Williams-23
51Marussia F1 Team2
61Sauber F1 Team1
72Force India Formula One Team21
80Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro1
9-4Red Bull Racing-40
100Scuderia Toro Rosso-1
110Team Lotus-2
120HRT Formula 1 Team-2
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