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May 2012 recap - A feature packed Jukebox Jury - The Potted History becomes a regular feature with monthly updates

Published by Christine

For as long as I can remember, I've been maintaining a page on the About section of Sidepodcast called A Potted History. Monthly updates cover the new and exciting things that the website, podcasts, or community have been doing, providing a great history of how the Sidepodworld has developed.

With the site now taking the shape we've been working on for months, a new addition to the Potted History feature is the corresponding blog post. Featuring the updates going onto the page itself, plus some other items that need highlighting, it's your way of keeping up with Sidepodcast and making sure you haven't missed anything exciting.

Formula One in May

This month F1 went racing in Spain, bringing the sport to Europe and featuring the motorhomes for the first time this year. From Barcelona, the trucks headed to Monaco, where the racing left something to be desired, but that didn't stop the rich and famous descending on the paddock.

Sidepodcast in May

At the tail end of April, we debuted the Sidepodcast Hangout feature and in May it has really come into its own. Each non-race weekend, we're putting up a three hour event post for the community to come together, share links, updates, and general conversation. I've really enjoyed each and every one of the four that have occurred so far, and am really looking forward to the concept developing in the future.

You can read more about the introduction of Hangouts on the blog, or check out the latest three hour extravaganza here (featuring talk of rowing, Goodwood, and DJing in Dublin).

This month also saw a surprise feature (for both listeners and us as well) in the form of the Sidepodcast Jukebox. Mr C had coded some changes to the live streaming but was too unwell to broadcast a show to test them out. Never fear! Five years of podcasting archives allowed me to put together a two hour nostalgia trip that played out with the aid of Factbyte Factbox commentary. It was such a great afternoon, we intend to do it again, although it'll no doubt be an irregular feature on the site.

If you want to relive any of the two hour stream, or see which archive shows were played, do have a look at the event thread.

We're slowly rolling out more columns, and May saw two authors take up the Feature challenge. First up, Steven Roy debuted Safety Matters - a regular update on all the topics that are easily forgotten but make the drivers high-speed adventures a little bit safer (or not, as the case may be!)

Meanwhile, Chris arrived with Talk on Corners - a look at the driver and team markets, how they are changing, what seats are available, and who could potentially fill various roles. The first article looks at the much-talked-about Ferrari seat, and which driver might be destined to partner Fernando Alonso.

We still have a couple of features to get going, but if you're interested in writing something regularly for Sidepodcast, have a peek at the introductory post, and some of the recent offerings.

Shows in May

There's been both audio and video this month, with treats for your eyes and ears. Joe comes back for another update, whilst Sauber break their car in half - just for you.

Posts in May

Along with the posts that come with racing action, there have been lots of fantastic updates to the site from meetups to team analysis and plenty in between.

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