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Max gets his way - Mosley remains President of the FIA for another term

Published by Mr. C

Max gets his vote

Max Mosley secured 103 votes of confidence this morning in Paris, ensuring he's able to stay on as the President of the FIA.

In what turned out to be a surprisingly short meeting (at least by the federation's standards), 158 votes were cast in a secret ballot after hearing from 15 delegates.

Despite almost two thirds of the eligible vote backing Max, one has to wonder if the FIA can survive this result. Already, Robert Darbelnet, CEO of AAA - the largest constituent member of the FIA - has stated he believes this will cause a rift within the federation. Talking to the BBC he said:

But one of the potential ramifications is the division or a split way from the organisation that might in fact provide an opportunity for like-minded clubs to find a representative body in a different form.

Germany's motoring organisation ADAC have gone further, issuing a press release stating that:

This is a reason for Europe's largest automobile club to let its functions and co-operation in FIA working groups rest at world level.

The excitement isn't over for today, however, with Dutch motoring body president Guido Van Woerkom suggesting that further private meetings will continue throughout the afternoon between those clubs unhappy with today's outcome.