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Marussia launch the MR02 ahead of Jerez testing - With added KERS but a lack of sponsorship, their 2013 car is here

Published by Christine

The MR02 in the studio

The Marussia team were up at the crack of dawn to open the shutters on their garage and give the world a peek at their new car before testing in Jerez got underway. The MR02 made its first appearance this morning, with no stepped nose to speak of, continuing their nice-looking car philosophy from last year.

There have been, however, some big changes under the hood. The team are introducing KERS for the first time this season, making use of some Williams technology to bring them up to speed on the energy harvesting process.

Team Principal John Booth explains that not running KERS until this season was a choice they had to make.

KERS was however a ‘strategic omission’ from our package until now; we opted to place the emphasis on aerodynamics, so that when we were in a position to bring the system to the car, we already had the strongest possible basis and its integration would be relatively straightforward.

- John Booth, Team Principal

Along with fitting in the additional kit, the car has had some work done on the exhausts, making more use of the Coanda-style effect, as well as tightening up the sidepods. Marussia are keen to point out this is the first car that was designed completely with a mix of CFD and wind tunnel. That doesn't sound quite so grand as completely-CFD but it will probably run a lot better on track.

Marussia roll out the MR02
Credit: Marussia F1 Team

The car looks worryingly devoid of any sponsor stickers, and with the news earlier this year that they had to let Timo Glock go for an apparent lack of funding, the future of the team would appear to be uncertain at best. However, CEO of Marussia, Graeme Lowdon has been quoted in the press with some nice-to-see optimism.

Certainly you'll see some names coming on the car over the next few weeks and onto the season as well. We are more comfortable now than we have ever been, both on the technical side and the commercial side. If you remember, we didn't do pre-season testing with the new car last year, so it's quite nice to be a bit further ahead this year.

- Graeme Lowdon, CEO

They have the car, they are ready for testing, but they still only have one driver and until they can get a full driver line-up, I'm not going to feel very settled. Goodness knows how the team feel!

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