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March 2014 recap - The month the Debrief returned - As the new F1 season arrived, we dusted off the mics and got talking

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Sidepodcast recap - March 2014

F1 finally returned in March, the long-awaited 2014 season began and we finally got to see what all the fuss was about. At the same time, we managed to ramp up our podcasting schedule by bringing back the F1 Debrief in a new and improved form. There was a lot of activity on the site over the past month, so here's what you might have missed.

Formula One in March

It seems an age ago now, but the final two days of pre-season testing were completed in Bahrain in March. That gave teams just a couple of weeks to prepare for the season proper, and we managed to squeeze in two of the nineteen races this month.

F1Minute in March

The news increased tenfold this month, with drivers and teams descending on Australia and Malaysia and kicking off the 2014 season. Hand-picking what was important was tricky, as was condensing the key information from a couple of packed races down to just sixty seconds.

Shows in March

As you'll have no doubt noticed, F1 Debrief made a return this month. The show that used to delve in depth into race weekends has now expanded into more topics but condensed into a shorter show. It's allowing us more flexibility and a quicker publishing schedule, and we love it!

Sidepodcast in March

Development came to an abrupt stop when the racing began, but before the lights went out in Australia, we just had time to finalise some huge projects.

The first involved a tidy up of the entire Sidepodcast archives, something only a crazy person would have attempted. Scattered through the history of the site were all kinds of various codes and errors, and a two year project to clean it all up finally came to its conclusion. We celebrated by writing even more posts and recording more podcasts!

We also updated the F1 Encyclopedia so that it picks up all the great content from F1Minute and F1 Big Picture, now they have been brought in to the Sidepodcast fold. The text in the encyclopaedia has also been updated for the new season, with teams, drivers and expanded personnel sections.

Finally, just in time for the first race information post and Factbyte Factbox coverage, new weather graphics were released, featuring new imagery, new colours and a clearer layout. With Bahrain being a night race this year, we only had to wait three races before seeing the moon graphics too!

Features in March

Our hardest working feature writer is Adam, who has jumped back into the 2014 season in style, with the return of his Class of the Field column. Reviewing the drivers who put in the best performances on a Sunday, Adam picks out those who shone for all to see, and some of the better drivers that you might have missed.

For Australia, there was talk of the rookie driver Kevin Magnussen, whilst the Malaysian review took a closer look at the performance of race winner Lewis Hamilton, as well as what is going on at Lotus.

Posts in March

Christine's Rankings continued unabated this month, celebrating the good, the bad and the weird of off-track activities for our drivers. We also had a look at more social stuff from the teams, a couple of reviews, and those oh-so-important season predictions.

Hidden gems in March

We were eagerly anticipating the return of the Formula One season, but just managed to squeeze in a Sidepodcast Hangout to send the winter off in style. We also enjoyed a full twelve hours of racing in Sebring, and waved goodbye to the brilliant championship Crashed Ice. Finally, Lukeh helped us welcome the new IndyCar season in with a dedicated thread.

There were a lot of videos released in the build up to the first race in Australia, but my particular favourite was the conversation between Vettel and Ricciardo, very intriguing relationship developing there. Ahead of the Malaysian Grand Prix, I was very happy to see Professor Nico start to explain this crazy sport in more detail. Also, a final quick shout-out for The Pat & Susie show. Love it.

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