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Malaysia 2009 - Schedule - Firm times for the action in Sepang, and approximate hours for podcasting

Published by Christine

It has only been a few minutes since the last race, or at least it feels that way. What with all the penalty shenanigans, and not knowing the actual results of the Australian GP until today, I am completely unprepared for the weekend ahead. However, it's going to be brilliant, whatever happens, so here's how it should stack up.

Renault in Sepang

As ever, the schedule is just a guide, and we cannot be held responsible for not meeting any of the times, because chances are, we won't. All the times are to BST, as we are now fully into summer time... apparently.

TV schedule

I realised last time that perhaps I wasn't clear enough in explaining what the schedule actually shows you. This TV schedule tells you when the live commenting thread will open, which is usually half an hour or so ahead of when the BBC coverage starts. That is the second time in the table - so don't use this schedule to cut things fine around race or qualifying, as we are blessed to have an hour's buildup.

DaySessionThread OpensStarts
FridayFree Practice 12:302:55
Free Practice 26:306:55
SaturdayFree Practice 36:306:55
Qualifying8:309:00 (q1 starts 10am)
SundayThe Race8:309:00 (race starts 10am)

Podcast schedule

We're starting to get into a routine with the podcasts again, but I am not yet brave enough to put in any timings for the shows as yet.

F1 DigestPM
F1 DigestPM
Live Stream: F1 DebriefPM
MondayF1 DigestPM

Once again, I have to point out the lack of Parade Lap. It's coming, we promise. Just not yet. Also, there is no Sidepodpanel this week, as it takes a break until the Chinese Grand Prix weekend.

Please join us for the live commenting sessions because we had serious fun last weekend, despite everyone being pretty exhausted by the time the race rolled around. It adds a lot to the experience to hear other points of views. Also, remember, you can post your very short summaries after each session and they might make it into that days F1 Digest.

Have a great weekend, and join us when you can!