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Malaysia 2010 - Free Practice 2 highlights - Lap by lap coverage of the session, as McLaren continue to dominate

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Lewis Hamilton once again got his name on the top of the timesheets, with McLaren showing some serious pace. It's not yet clear if that will translate to tomorrow in qualifying, where they struggled previously, or to the race, where the weather will be a key factor.

Nevertheless, here is how the session played out.

As it happened: 2010 Malaysia - Free Practice 2

  • 06:30

    Hello everyone and welcome back to the Factbyte Factbox. We're covering FP2 which will get underway in 30 minutes.

  • 06:31

    In the intervening period between FP1 and 2, the rains came down in Malaysia. Just a shower but pretty heavy.

  • 06:36

    From @ToroRossoSpy: just had a five minute heavy shower. A little taster for what is to come later maybe?

  • 06:37

    From @byronf1: Russian Vitaly Petrov is wearing a black armband in Malaysia in memory of the 39 killed in Moscow's tube bombings

  • 06:41

    From @redbulf1spy: There's a can of Red Bull for the closest guess to when it starts raining again - tyres with grooves have appeared outside some garages...

  • 06:41

    Here are your handy links, then. The BBC have video and live updates:

  • 06:43 have live timing available:

  • 06:45

    Autosport Live are gearing up for their text commentary:

  • 06:46

    McLaren will continue with their fabulous driver dashboard thing:

  • 06:53

    From @ClaireVWilliams: Practice starts in T-10. Rubens & the Hulk working on mechanical set-ups & tyre testing this afternoon after aero & practice starts this am.

  • 06:56

    5live report the track is dry, the rain will have just cooled it down for now.

  • 06:56

    Track temp - 49. Air temp - 32.

  • 07:00

    Liuzzi and Heikki are back in their respective cars. di Resta and Fauzy are done for the day.

  • 07:00

    The session begins with di Grassi and Kovalainen out first.

  • 07:04

    Kovalainen sets the first time of the second session, a 1:44.393, immediately beaten by di Grassi.

  • 07:05

    Kobayashi has a spin on his outlap, at Turn 9.

  • 07:06

    Webber goes against the grain and completes an installation lap rather than going straight for a time.

  • 07:09

    Hamilton sets the first meaningful time of FP2 with a 1:34.954. Button pops up to P2 as well.

  • 07:10

    Ten minutes gone and just five drivers remain without a time.

  • 07:10

    Everyone is out on track except Glock and Webber.

  • 07:12

    The McLaren boys will return to the pits this lap.

  • 07:12

    Schumacher struggling with the rear of the car around a couple of corners.

  • 07:15

    Schumacher pops up to P3 - the rear of the car not so tricky now.

  • 07:19

    From @MikeGascoyne: First runs finished. Heikki making a big setup change, following the direction of Jarno from this morning

  • 07:19

    Now just five drivers out on track.

  • 07:22

    di Grassi radio: "Car has better understeer balance. Rear is too lose, can't carry speed through the corners."

  • 07:24

    From @VirginRacing: A Williams going out on options now. Tyres and fuel levels make it impossible to make sense of lap times

  • 07:27

    Hamilton beats his own time with a 1:34.765.

  • 07:31

    30 minutes gone: HAM, MSC, ROS, BUT, KUB, SUT, DEL, ALG, KOB, PET.

  • 07:31

    Webber has spun off into the gravel and is climbing from the car.

  • 07:32

    Replays show he didn't spin, just slowed down and pulled off track.

  • 07:35

    Air temp - 33. Track temperature up to 51.

  • 07:39

    Buemi is up to 5th, just nine tenths off the pace of Hamilton.

  • 07:41

    Massa is way down in 18th, but just behind Vettel, who in turn is behind Webber!

  • 07:43

    Schumacher up to 2nd now. Six hundredths off Hamilton.

  • 07:44

    MSC jumps to P1.

  • 07:44

    And Hamilton takes it back again.

  • 07:46

    From @rf1paddockpass: Weather is unpredictable, looks like there could be thunderstorms at around 18:00

  • 07:47

    And F1 Photos is starting to keep an eye on the clouds:

  • 07:49

    Hamilton on the radio: "Upshifts feel poor, very aggressive, causing wheel spin. Downshifts are fine."

  • 07:52

    From @VirginRacing: Lucas' feet getting really hot in the car while in the garage.

  • 07:52

    Sutil runs off into the gravel, but regains the track safely.

  • 07:55

    Rosberg and Button are now ahead of Schumacher, whilst Vettel jumps up to 5th just behind.

  • 07:56

    Vettel on radio: "Please check the data, there seems to be something wrong with the power steering."

  • 07:59

    Alguersuari runs off track and across the gravel, but rejoins the track.

  • 07:59

    One hour complete, 30 minutes to go: HAM, VET, ROS, BUT, MSC, KUB, BUE, PET, SUT, KOB.

  • 08:00

    F1 Wolf in the comments: "at the bottom of the time sheets Chandhok is seriously off the pace in this session so far" 10 seconds at the moment.

  • 08:01

    Webber's car has returned to the garage, as Vettel pits - his power steering must have been okay, he popped up to P2.

  • 08:01

    Alguersuari has another wobble, running off track but avoiding the gravel this time.

  • 08:03

    Vettel engineers on team radio: "Only problem with power steering is high saturation as expected."

  • 08:05

    Senna adds his name to the list of drivers who have been in the gravel today.

  • 08:06

    Trulli is currently ahead of both Ferrari drivers, sitting in 16th with Alonso 17th and Massa 19th.

  • 08:10

    From @VirginRacing: Timo has a bit off a moment. He's not happy with the power steering we think. He's in now.

  • 08:15

    15 Minutes remain. HAM, VET, ROS, BUT, MSC.

  • 08:15

    Buemi is still up in 8th. Alonso has improved to 7th, whilst Massa is still down in 19th.

  • 08:16

    Button on team radio, complaining about understeer and lack of rear grip.

  • 08:17

    Fastest sectors:

    • S1 - BUT 287 km/h
    • S2 - ROS 154 km/h
    • S3 - HAM 268 km/h
    • Trap - HAM 303 km/h
  • 08:19

    Reports of some rain coming in are starting to surface, and the question is which will get here first - the clouds or the end of the session?

  • 08:21

    Ten minutes left, no change at the top.

  • 08:24

    Just four drivers remaining in the garage - Petrov, Massa, Webber, and Chandhok. Karun remains ten seconds off the pace.

  • 08:25

    From @InsideFerrari: fernando back on the track with hard tyres. felipe's crew is try to solve a small issue on the rear

  • 08:29

    Massa weaves around to heat up the tyres before starting a hot lap.

  • 08:29

    Hamilton pits from P1, it doesn't look like his time will be troubled.

  • 08:31

    Session ends. Top ten - HAM, VET, ROS, BUT, MSC, KUB, ALO, BUE, PET, SUT. Full results to follow.

  • 08:35
  • 08:35

    Thanks one and all for joining us for Friday practice. Keep an eye on the weather, and we'll be back tomorrow for final practice and all of qualifying.

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