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Malaysia 2010 - Free Practice 1 highlights - McLaren show good pace as the third F1 weekend begins

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McLaren took some fuel out of the car to top the timesheets, but they looked pretty handy around the track anyway. Rosberg popped up to P2 right at the end of the session, once again beating his teammate. Full results are available here, but this is how FP1 went, step by step.

As it happened: 2010 Malaysia - Free Practice 1

  • 02:29

    Hello everyone, welcome back to the Factbyte Factbox. Time for F1 again already, is it?

  • 02:31

    We're seeing some fabulous build up to Free Practice. From @tonyfernandes: Lionel ritchie and PM doing a dance. Lionel singing truley and jarno thinking it was for him. Mercedes in one corner Lotus in the other.

  • 02:31

    From @VirginRacing: Engineering meeting in 15 minutes. planning the day, length of runs, fuel amounts, tyre choices and set-ups. That sort of thing.

  • 02:33

    And from @clubforce earlier in the day: Morning all, back at the circuit now, heat& humidity is bearable at mo, although will rise considerably once the sun is fully up

  • 02:33

    We've got Friday drivers in the form of Paul di Resta and Fairuz Fauzy in the Force India and Lotus respectively this morning.

  • 02:36

    From 'me' the comments: is paul de resta alternating chassis each friday? in which case can anyone remember who's he drove last weekend? I believe it was Sutil, but don't know the answer to the first question.

  • 02:36

    From @clubforce: 30 mins to free practice, Paul's replacing Tonio this session. His first time out in Sepang.

  • 02:45

    For those in the UK, the BBC stream of Free Practice plus live text updates can be found:

  • 02:46

    Autosport Live also have live updates:

  • 02:46

    Happy Birthday to @MikeGascoyne: On the pitwall for the start of P1. Just been given a birthday cake by Tony and the team in the garage

  • 02:55

    From @InsideFerrari: air temperature is 28 C, track 31. No rain expected this morning

  • 02:56

    Live Timing has refreshed. (registration required)

  • 02:56

    From @H_Kovalainen: Fairuz in the car now, we've got this new engine cover to try with him in the first practice...

  • 02:58

    Don't forget to follow McLaren on their super-technical dashboard:

  • 03:00

    The session is go with Fauzy out first, followed by Paul di Resta. The cars line up to get out for their installation laps.

  • 03:03

    Twitpic from Claire Williams:

  • 03:05

    From @VirginRacing: Lucas due in. Checking bite point of the clutch. Everythings ok

  • 03:07

    De la Rosa sets the first time of the weekend - a 1:53.855.

  • 03:09

    Most teams tweeting that they intend to wait a while until the track is rubbered in. Someone's gotta do it though!

  • 03:09

    Hamilton: "Track feels good." Button: "Circuit seems to be in reasonably good nick."

  • 03:10

    From @clubforce: Tonio in the garage checking out Pauls progress with his car so far. very chilled out he has a coffee...

  • 03:11

    Ted news: Sauber have reinforced their front wing pillars.

  • 03:16

    Fauzy improves on de la Rosa's time by about 10 seconds, and continues to circulate the track by himself.

  • 03:16

    Tony Fernandes reports Jarno will hit the track in about 9 minutes.

  • 03:19

    5live ruined that HRT radio, but from Autosport Live: Chandhok is told over the team radio that the plan is to complete six timed laps. He is also advised to take care of the tyres - especially in the high speed sections of the circuit, to keep the graining down.

  • 03:22

    Fauzy finally returns to the pit lane. Time down to 1:41.552.

  • 03:23

    Alguersuari jumps up to P1 with a 1:40.1

  • 03:25

    Massa is stood cool as you like in the garage, doesn't look ready to think about putting on his helmet yet.

  • 03:29

    30 minutes gone, seven drivers with times: ALG, DIR, FAU, TRU, CHA, SEN, DEL

  • 03:31

    Alguersuari reports: "problem with the engine."

  • 03:32

    Jaime on a new Ferrari engine, making his way slowly back to the pit lane.

  • 03:33

    Paul di Resta has thus jumped Alguersuari's time: 1:37.209.

  • 03:34

    Alguersuari stops at the start of the pit lane, the Toro Rosso mechanics go for a jog.

  • 03:36

    Petrov up into second, about half a second off di Resta.

  • 03:38

    Fauzy has a massive spin off but keeps it in the run off area and out of the barriers. Brief yellow flag.

  • 03:39

    An insight into aero updates from @rf1paddockpass: New pod vane and new barge boards

  • 03:40

    Kubica jumps to P1 - a 1:36.718.

  • 03:40

    Petrov just went even faster.

  • 03:42

    Button drops the times - 1:35.464.

  • 03:43

    Alguersuari's mechanics think it's electronics not an engine problem.

  • 03:44

    Hamilton jumps up to P1. Six drivers remain without a time.

  • 03:46

    From @rf1paddockpass: Good car balance reports Vitaly, some rear wheel locking

  • 03:48

    Webber passed Barrichello in the Williams, then drifted round the next corner sideways.

  • 03:49

    Just Schumacher remains without a time now.

  • 03:51

    From @MikeGascoyne: Small spin for Fairus but no harm done. Tyres a bit flat spotted though. No doing some starts

  • 03:52

    From @VirginRacing: Timo happy with the car in general. Just discussing handling with the engineers. Maybe a ride height change?

  • 03:55

    Schumacher stood in the garage, analysing some data with an engineer. His car is in pieces at the moment.

  • 03:56

    Hamilton and Button lead the session, although both are in the pits right now. Button also has three of the fastest speed traps, with Hamilton just managing to grab S2 from his teammate.

  • 03:56

    From @clubforce: Adrian on the radio, coming back in to pits for practice pit stop

  • 03:57

    Schumacher's helmet is going on, the car being put back together, should be out on track soon.

  • 03:59

    Petrov's car has a fuel leak, up on the jacks at the moment.

  • 04:00

    de la Rosa flies off track and through the gravel, keeps the car going and out of the barriers. Returns to the track gingerly.

  • 04:00

    From @VirginRacing: Lucas in for a quick gearbox check. Traction and balnce ok but we'll make a slight change in the aero balance.

  • 04:01

    Sir Frank watching proceedings:

  • 04:01

    Schumacher finally leaves the pit lane.

  • 04:01

    1 hr gone, 30 minutes to go, all drivers with laptimes bar MSC. Top ten = HAM, BUT, KUB, ROS, WEB, SUT, ALO, VET, KOB, BUE.

  • 04:03

    From @clubforce: Paul back in, reporting traffic on his laps and also the tyres are graining quickly. Adrian having similar issues

  • 04:04

    Massa runs wide through the gravel in at what looks like the same corner as de la Rosa.

  • 04:05

    From @VirginRacing: Pitlane wider here than Melbourne so no steering lock issues when leaving the garage.

  • 04:06

    Schumacher up to 6th.

  • 04:08

    MSC then improves to 3rd.

  • 04:11

    From @ToroRossoSpy: Electrical problem for Jaime, but out on track again now. Hot doesn't begin to describe conditions in the garages.

  • 04:14

    From @redbullf1spy: Sunny and 29°C. This bears so little relation to what we'll get for the race, we might as well hold the practice sessions at Silverstone.

  • 04:20

    Ten minutes to go, just six cars remain in the pit lane.

  • 04:23

    The times aren't changing at the top, still Hamilton and Button, followed by Schumacher.

  • 04:23

    Renault report that Petrov's car is not ready to go back out yet.

  • 04:25

    Five minutes to go. Alguersuari, Petrov, Glock and Fauzy remain in the garage. All other cars on track.

  • 04:28

    From @MyLotusRacing: Fairuz in and finished his session. 19 laps total, best time 1.40.721, 22nd with 3 minutes left of session. Well done Fairuz and thanks!

  • 04:32

    Session over. HAM, ROS, BUT, MSC, KUB. Full results to follow.

  • 04:36
  • 04:37

    Thanks to all who joined us for FP1. We'll be back shortly for the second session of the day.

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