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Making it look easy - Amusing outtakes from recent podcast recordings

Published by Christine

Here at Sidepodcast, we’re always saying that we like to do our learning in public. If you compare our very first video to the quality of the latest one, you’ll probably laugh. But there’s no shame in that, in fact, we’re actually quite proud of the steps we have taken. There are plenty more still to take, though.

One of the side effects of recording a weekly audio show is a few out-takes, and just recently, there has been a spate of rather embarrassing ones. Our standard excuse: “It’s been a long season.” Well, it has been a long season, and to celebrate the enormity of the last race this year, we thought we’d give in and share two of our better blunders.

The first is one of mine. I don’t notice I’ve made a mistake, and to start with I'm not the only one. You can almost hear the cogs turning.

Yea, yea, very funny. This second one is really just getting my own back, because you know, I’m not the only one that says things wrong.

So, there you have it. We’re not perfect – who knew?